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Gudi Padwa SMS to celebrate the beginning of New Years Day for people of Maharashtra by sending heartfelt Gudi Padwa SMS wishes. Let your loved ones know you are thinking of them on the special occassion of Gudi Padwa festival by sharing these original and creative Gudi Padwa SMS Wishes. gudipadwastatusforbrother.Through these Festive Happy Gudi Padwa SMS texts let everyone know the importance of Gudi Padwa festival, the traditional ways of celebrating Gudi Padwa and how the Gudi Padwa festivity SMS can bring people close to each other. Choose from a wide collection of free Gudi Padwa SMS in English, Gudi Padva Festival SMS Greetings for friends, relatives and family, Gudi Padwa SMS greetings in Marathi and much more. All these SMS Messages for Gudi Padwa are crafted with immense thought and handpicked with attention to give you the best Gudi Padwa SMS Greetings collection ever.gudipadwastatusforbrother. With so many Gudi Padwa Festival SMS Text in 160 characters, you have no derth of choice. Post these Gudi Padwa SMS Wishes and Greetings on Facebook and Twitter to let your loved ones know you are thinking of them on this special Gudi Padwa Festival. Festivities keep us together, so celebrate Gudi Padva to the fullest and share happiness with these latest Gudi Padwa SMS messages.gudipadwastatusforbrother.


 A new beginning, a fresh start
Wish you a Happy Gudi Padwa
From the core of my heart.
Have a blast!
A new hope, a new beginning
A new dream is waiting to unfold
May this New Year bring your way
Millions of joys unheard untold
Happy Gudi Padwa
A new ray of light
A new beginning of success coming your way
Wish you the best life could offer
On This special Gudi Padwa Day
Happy Gudi Padwa.
Aaushya ek veena, ani sur bhavananche.
Ga dhund hovun tumhi, sangeet navin varshache.
Tumchya samasta parivaraas Gudi Padwyachya Shubheccha.  gudipadwastatusforbrother
Aayushya eka swapna sarakhe jagave
Pratyek samvedanela chakhun baghave
Nav varshachi navi pahaat
Daakhavo aapnaas ek navi vaat.
Gudi Padwyachya shubeccha.
Asha aakankshache.
Sukh samruddhiche, padata dwari paaul GUDHICHE.
Happy Gudipadwa
Chitrachi Soneri Pahat
Navya Swapnachi Navi Laat
Nava Armbha , Nava Vishwas
Navya Varshachi Hich Tar Khari Survat
Gudi Padvachya Hardik Shubhechha.
Dream and make your dreams come true
These are my Gudi Padwa wishes for you
Happy Gudi Padwa. gudipadwastatusforbrother
Ek navi pahaat, ek nave varsha
Ubhara gudhi aanandaane, manaat nando harsha.
Gudi Padwyachya shubeccha.gudipadwastatusforbrother
Every day of every year
May God bless you with health and cheer
Never go far always be near
These are my wishes for you dear
Happy Gudi Padwa.gudipadwastatusforbrother
Gudi Padwa is a new beginning
Of dreams, hopes and happiness too
May this wonderful year bring
Success, surprises and happiness to you
Have a great Gudi Padwa.
Gudi Padwa is finally here
An important day for you and me
I pray for your good will and health
May you be blessed till eternity
Gudi Padwa is Gods way to say
I am sending a fresh start your way
Happy beginnings!
Happy Gudi Padwa to the most amazing person I have ever known.
May all your dreams come true.
Thanks for being you!gudipadwastatusforbrother
I am missing you this Gudi Padwa
This wish comes from my heart
May you be blessed all through the year
Wish you a wonderful start.
Happy Gudi Padwa.
Ishwarachi krupa ani premachi naati
sukh, aarogya, samruddhi daari yeti
Gudi Padwa gheun yevo aanand bharamsaath
Ashich raaho jeewanaatli pratyek pahaat.gudipadwastatusforbrother
Junya dukkhanna maage sodun
Swagat kara nav varshache
Gudi Padwa gheun yeto kshan
Pragati ani harshache
Padwyachya hardik shubheccha.
Live love and spread happiness
Share joy and blessings
These are my prayers for you
With a zillion wonderful things
Happy Gudi Padwa
May each tear turn to smile
May all life’s obstacles fade away
These are my special wishes
Just for you on the Gudi Padwa Day.
May the festival of Gudi Padwa bring you luck, success and happiness.
May all your dreams come true.
Best wishes to you and your family.
May this Gudi be the harbinger of
Joy and Prosperity for you.
Happy Varsh Pratipada.gudipadwastatusforbrother
May this Gudi Padwa bring
Truckloads of luck and love
May you be blessed in every way
From the lord up above
Happy Gudi Padwa
May this year bring you
Success, Love and truckloads of Happiness and Health.
Happy Gudi Padwa
Nav varshachya swagatasaathi
Gudi Padwa aala aahe
Aajpaaun sukh samruddhicha
Nava pravaas suru zala aahe
Gudi Padwyachya hardik shubeccha
Navin varshachi navi hi suruvat,
survat karu navin shananchi,
ya mangal dini sarvana ,
HARDIK HARDIK SHUBHECHHA.gudipadwastatusforbrother
Naxidar kathivari Reshmi vastr,
Tyachyavar chandicha lota,
ubharuni Marathi manachi GUDHI,
Sajra karuya ha Gudhipadwa!
Nutan Varshachya Hardik Shubheccha!gudipadwastatusforbrother
One more year of success and smile
New experiences and dreams every mile
May you find, new paths to tread
Have a wonderful year ahead.
Happy Gudi Padwa

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