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The Ugadi and Gudi Padwa marks the first Holy festival which marks the beginning of the New Year in the Hindu lunar calendar and the new month and new day for the Hindus falls on Chaitra Shukla Pratipada. bestgudipadwagreetingcardsAccording to the Hindus religion the Universe was created on this very day Lord Brahma so it is an important festival and this day carry special importance in Hindu tradition, especially for the people of Marathi speaking areas like Maharashtra and Goa.bestgudipadwagreetingcards
The celebration of spring time and harvest is the essence of the festival which is celebrated with all glory and show of Ugadi and Gudi Padwa. This festival is also synonymous with warm wishes and gifts.
In this article, we bring you a collection of The Maharashtrian Happy New Year Gudi Padwa Greeting Cards to wish each other New Year greetings. We offer you to choose the best from The Maharashtrian Happy New Year Gudi Padwa Greeting Cards and wish your loved ones with the Gudi Padwa greetings that have been mentioned.

Gudi Padwa SMS in Marathi to celebrate the beginning of New Years Day for people of Maharashtra by sending heartfelt Gudi Padwa SMS wishes. Let your loved ones know you are thinking of them on the special occassion of Gudi Padwa festival by sharing these original and creative Gudi Padwa SMS Wishes in Marathi. bestgudipadwagreetingcards.Through these Festive Happy Gudi Padwa SMS texts in Marathi let everyone know the importance of Gudi Padwa festival, the traditional ways of celebrating Gudi Padwa and how the Gudi Padwa festivity SMS can bring people close to each other. Choose from a wide collection of free Gudi Padwa SMS in Marathi, Gudi Padva Festival SMS Greetings for friends, relatives and family, Gudi Padwa SMS greetings and wishes and much more. All these Marathi SMS Messages for Gudi Padwa are crafted with immense thought and handpicked with attention to give you the best Gudi Padwa SMS Greetings collection ever. With so many Gudi Padwa Festival SMS Text in 160 characters, you have no derth of choice.bestgudipadwagreetingcards. Post these Marathi Gudi Padwa SMS Wishes and Greetings on Facebook and Twitter to let your loved ones know you are thinking of them on this special Gudi Padwa Festival. Festivities keep us together, so celebrate Gudi Padva to the fullest and share happiness with these latest Gudi Padwa SMS messages in Marathi.

Aaushya ek veena, ani sur bhavananche.
Ga dhund hovun tumhi, sangeet navin varshache.
Tumchya samasta parivaraas Gudi Padwyachya Shubheccha.bestgudipadwagreetingcards.

Aayushya eka swapna sarakhe jagave
Pratyek samvedanela chakhun baghave
Nav varshachi navi pahaat
Daakhavo aapnaas ek navi vaat.
Gudi Padwyachya shubeccha.bestgudipadwagreetingcards



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